Sermon preached at Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital, Bristol, 17 September 1989

[Despite its name, Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital is not a hospital in the modern sense, but a school – one of the oldest private schools in Bristol. My father was chaplain there between 1988 and 1990 – SJC]

W-i-m-p is a wonderfully awful word. It’s odd that it seems to apply only to men. What’s your vision of a ‘wimp’? A guy who is small and thin. Weak-muscled. Large and wary eyes behind even larger spectacles. Ill-fitting clothes, perhaps an over-long belted raincoat. A sort of jelly on legs. One quick gust of wind and he’d probably blow away! A person with no talent at all, nothing to give, utterly useless.

I have to tell you that we are all in danger of being wimps.Read More »