Weeding and welding

Sermon preached at the wedding of Clare Brinton, unspecified church in Fleet, Hampshire, 12 August 2000

It is not only the Guardian that has a monopoly on this phenomenon. Of late, it has undertaken to publish corrections to its typing errors and omissions of information.

There is a long history behind this. The parish magazine is a great example. All articles of this nature appear to have been composed by the willing soul, Miss Print.

A recent example:

At last Sunday’s baptism, the children were christened as Kate and Sidney, and not Steak and Kidney as in the magazine. Also we apologise to the couples in the two marriages last week. We mentioned that there was a “weeding” and a “welding” in our parish church, rather than a “wedding”.

This, in fact, is a fortuitous mistake of Miss Print.Read More »